Tutorial 5 – Digital Stories

Using the iPad, we created our own Stormbreaker scene complete with an action disaster.

This is a screenshot of our opening shot, where Alex is daydreaming about his Aunty and her boring job.

This image shows our action disaster- an explosion. Alex’s Aunty was running away from it, showing the viewer that her job is definitely far from what Alex believes it is.

This is another shot that shows the viewer what Alex’s Aunty really does for a living – fighting bad guys!

We were able to add some other special effects to our movie to make it more exciting. For example, we added a KAPOW! overlay to the scene when Alex’s Aunty won the fight.


Today’s lesson was very engaging, and I learnt a lot about Movie Maker and other special effect apps. I can see how an activity such as this would be enjoyed by primary students, and I would like to implement something similar in my own future classroom. To do so, I think the teacher should first discuss with students what makes an effective movie. Students could learn about camera angles, the importance of sound and how certain colours can create meaning, for example. From there, the teacher should explicitly model how to use the apps, take the shots and create the movie. Lastly, similar to what we did in our tutorial, students should create a storyboard before taking their videos. This will ensure that students are focused and will allow the teacher to formatively assess students’ work.


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